Booze News — 10 January 2013

(TORONTO, ON) LCBO is making it fun for guys to get back into the entertaining spirit with the launch of the ‘Gentleman’s League Configurator,’ an ornately crafted, ingenious online mechanism designed to make hosting a gentlemanly get-together as simple as possible.

Geared to men aged 25 to 40, the device, found at, takes users on an interactive journey, reminiscent of Steampunk, a sub-genre of science fiction that typically features steam-powered machinery from the Victorian era. Visitors activate the Configurator with the press of a button, which makes it ‘steam’ into action. Once activated, the user can choose from a selection of premium mixed drink and dining options – all geared towards traditional, masculine social occasions, such as watching sports, listening to music or simply hanging out. With one click, users can also send custom, Steampunk-inspired invitations to their friends. And, with a little curiosity and exploration, users will discover that the Configurator also has some secret functions.

“Our aim with the Gentleman’s League Configurator is to inspire male drinkers to organize more in-home get-togethers by providing them with premium drink recipes and dining ideas in a playful way,” says Kerri Dawson, LCBO Marketing Director. “When they see the gauges moving, dials popping and steam flowing from the machine, they’ll be motivated to show off their entertaining prowess and configure a fun guys’ night in.”

The drink recipes featured within the Configurator are prepared with premium spirits to show men how easy it is to elevate their social gatherings. Whether it is simple, classic preparations like the Cuba Libre, made with Captain Morgan Black spiced rum, Sobieski vodka over ice or Bacardi Anejo neat, or more advanced cocktails like The Dark Horseman, prepared with Alberta Dark Horse Whisky, and the ‘Jamaican’ Manhattan made with Appleton Estate V/X, all of the concoctions represent the latest trends in classic cocktails.

Developed by Cossette in Toronto, the realistic-looking Configurator was designed and illustrated digitally to look like an actual machine. The campaign, which continues throughout January and leading up to NFL Super Bowl Sunday on February 3, is being supported by online display advertising and social media.



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