Beer News — 16 April 2013

Their new Erratic Stone-Fired Ale is limited to 3,300 available bottles

Poster for new Big Rock Erratic Stone-Fired Ale(Calgary, AB, April 15, 2013) Big Rock Brewery is all fired up! Erratic Stone-Fired Ale is the latest Alchemist Edition release created by Brewmaster Paul Gautreau and his team. Emulating a technique developed in the Middle Ages, when brewers could not put direct flame to a wooden kettle, the brewery has added super-heated chunks of B.C. granite to their kettle to create their first steinbier.

A statement from the brewery claims, “One sip of Erratic Stone-Fired Ale and you’ll discover a totally unique profile. That’s because the super-heated stones, when dropped in the brew, scorched and caramelised some of the malt sugars. Combined with glacier-fed Rocky Mountain water, the granite process imparts a delicious burnt caramel and unusual mineral profile to this unfiltered brew. With the powerful complexity of dark malts, toffee and a hint of smoke, we think Brewmaster Paul’s take on the historical steinbier is a rare treat.”

“Brewing this beer was probably the most exciting day I have spent in the Brewhouse…. ever!” says Brewmaster Paul Gautreau. “I wasn’t sure how it would turn out but it all went as planned and the resulting beer is as uniquely flavoured as the ancient brewing methods we used to brew it.”

Only 3,300 numbered bottles are being produced. Available in a 750ml swing top bottle, Erratic Stone-Fired Ale makes its appearance April 15, 2013 in Alberta but Ontario beer explorers can find where bottles are available by heading to the brewery’s website’s beer finder feature at:

Introducing Erratic Stone-Fired Ale-1In brewing, as in life, taking risks help reap rewards. For the Alchemist Edition, Brewmaster Paul ventures deep into uncharted brewing territory to craft bold, small batch beers that pay no heed to the rules of what came before. Adventurous and experimental, these risky brews are their own reward.

Big Rock Brewery – headquartered in Calgary, Alberta – produces premium, all-natural craft beers. As Canada’s leading craft brewer, Big Rock boasts a family of nine exceptional ales and lagers, Rock Creek dry cider, an ongoing selection of seasonal beers released through the Brewmaster’s Edition and cutting-edge, limited-run brews released through the Alchemist Edition. Big Rock products are sold in nine provinces and two territories in Canada, and are also available in Korea. For more information visit



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