Drinks To Try

Canada’s Only Naturally Sweetened, 80-Calorie, Vodka Cooler

Brick Brewing Co. Limited has launched  “Seagram 80″ in two great flavours of the season, blood orange and black cherry. “Seagram 80 is the one and only naturally sweetened, 80-calorie, vodka cooler in the Canadian market” declared [...]

A Night With Amsterdam and Friends

The Amsterdam Brewing Company is hosting a “dam good beer” event on Saturday, February 2nd  in Toronto. BarVolo (587 Yonge St) is offering a comprehensive line of Amsterdam beers on  26 unique taps and six different [...]

Beer Distributors Generate $54 Billion in U.S

The National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) has released a new economic impact report – America’s Beer Distributors: Fueling Jobs, Generating Economic Growth & Delivering Value to Local Communities – that provides the first-ever comprehensive report on [...]

Tromba Tequila – Not For Shooting

Eric Brass, Founder and CEO of Tequila Tromba, believes that tequila is the most misunderstood and misrepresented spirit in the world. Some love it; others swear they will never drink it again. Everyone has heard at [...]

Classic Cocktail Recipe- Moral Suasion

London bartender Darcy O`Neil shares one of his favourite cocktail recipes with Indulge Magazine. Moral Suasion 1¾ oz Calvados ¼ oz Southern Comfort 1 tbls Benedictine ¼ oz Cointreau 1 tsp Sugar 1 tbls Lemon Juice [...]

Black Oak Beer Parties with Winter Ales

AMAZING HOLIDAY PARTY If you like porters, coffee stouts, beer doughnuts and food trucks then you should plan a visit to Black Oak’s Toronto brewery for their annual holiday party. The craft brewery has lined up great food [...]

Steam Whistle Rolls Out the Barrels for Oktoberfest

Bring a little Oom-pah-pah home with a new gift pack that includes 2 x 500ml cans of Steam Whistle’s authentic Bohemian Pilsner ready to pour into your own 1 litre Oktoberfest stein decorated with an old- [...]

Crazy Runs in the Family

It is called ‘Crazy Uncle’ and it is a trendy ready-to-serve cocktail recently launched at the LCBO by self-proclaimed ‘foodie-entrepreneur’ brothers Bruno and Davide Codispoti. The brothers’ business, Brand Fusion out of Toronto, totes itself on bringing [...]