In the Media Personalities — 22 February 2013

If you want your theatre less pomp and your ambiance closer to your downtown dive bar, then the Grand Theatre’s currently-running play, Yankee Tavern by Steven Dietz, is your ideal mix.
Every bar has its regulars and Yankee Tavern has Ray. He keeps things lively with his tall tales, strange encounters and surprisingly gripping conspiracy theories. Add to the mix the mysterious Palmer and bar owner, Adam, and you cannot help but wonder what is really going on. Could the unthinkable be true?
“I have a fascination with conspiracy theories,” Susan Ferley, Artistic Director at The Grand says about the intriguing thriller filled with surprising and dangerous revelations. ”What I want to know is why are there conspiracy theories? Are they born out of distrust? And if so, what don’t we trust? Why are they so attractive?”
Posing the question of what really happened on September 11, 2001 is the character ‘Ray’ portrayed by Nicholas Campbell, known for his roles in CBC’s Da Vinci’s Inquest and Republic of Doyle.
The gripping story takes place all within the walls of the Yankee Tavern, a dingy and run-down bar inhabited by family friend and long-standing patron Ray, much to the dismay of owner Adam who dreams of being elsewhere with his soon-to-be wife.
Yankee Tavern runs at the Grand Theatre main stage until March 2. Tickets can be purchased at Grand Theatre or from the box office at 519-672-8800.


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