Danko Jones photographs by:Jerry Ziler
Written by: Kathy Rumleski
Interview by: Laura Downs

Danko Jones makes a point of stopping in London each time the band tours. And that’s a lot. As many as 15 times since the hard rock, Toronto-based group formed in 1996. You’ll never guess what keeps them coming back? It’s the Call The Office carpet, jokes the eponymous frontman Danko Jones.
“Same carpet the last 15 years. Same decor.”
As so much has changed for them over time, there’s something comforting about same old, same old.
It never changes,” drummer Atom Willard says of the club and the city.
“It’s like your Mom’s house right? You go back and things are still where you left them. Your room is the same.”
On a recent stop in London, Danko Jones members went unplugged with Indulge Magazine to answer questions about food, fun and surviving while on tour.
To get to the nitty-gritty of exactly how and what the band members behind Danko Jones imbibe, it must be noted that Jones himself does not drink but the other two members bass-player John Calabrese and drummer Atom Willard certainly do. Here is how the band, as a consensus, answered some fun Indulge questions.

Favourite place for a drink?
Answer from Danko:
My aunt’s house. She cooks great, good company. A family home.
Beer, wine or spirits?
Best wine?
Southern Italian red wines.
Favourite cocktail?
Aberlour Scotch, 15-18 years old. No ice with water and dark chocolate.
Who would you want to have a drink/dinner with, living or dead?
Frank Sinatra. I bet he would have some awesome stories. I want to be entertained.
Who has been your favourite band to tour with?
Motorhead or Guns and Roses.
Favourite restaurant or place to eat?
John is the resident go-to man for any fine foods. There’s a fish restaurant in Norway, in the arctic so the fish is extremely fresh. Up in Norway it’s great, we’ve played festivals up there and played and eaten whale, king crab.
Favourite late-night/morning-after meal?
Breakfast – scrambled eggs with bacon and hashbrowns.
What do you like to eat before a show?
We like to eat like three to four hours before we go on stage. It’s important to eat a few hours before showtime so you don’t throw up on stage. You’re left to whatever is nearest to you and where you are. You can’t really plan that out, so much. We don’t have a personal chef on board.
Largest meal you’ve had while touring?
Answer by Atom:
In Barcelona. It was like 2, 2:30 in the morning and it was after our show, and in Spain everything is open super late. John ordered this insane seafood sampler and it was like the whole ocean showed up.

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