Bar Stories In the Media — 22 November 2012

By A. Paul Mitchell, Indulge Magazine

Whether you are a fan of drinking games or not, most of us have been a part of one at least once or twice in our lifetime. Some are clever, others are just plain crass, and all end up being messy, resulting in over-indulgence and intoxication. On this week’s “Go On”, Matthew Perry’s latest sitcom vehicle on NBC, a game called “drink rodeo” (alternatively called “booze rodeo”) takes centre-stage as a plot device. What is it? How’s it played? Seems that it can only take place in the United States.

Perry’s character, Ryan, is a sports radio talk-show host and recent widower who turns to a group of lovable misfits for emotional support. In order to settle a dispute with his best friend (played by Harold & Kumar‘s John Cho) over a former university sweetheart, the two settle their arguement with a round of the drinking game they reminisce over.

The point of the game is to see who can take sips out of other people’s alcoholic drinks until they get punched in the face. The last one to get hit wins. According to the show (spoiler alert: Ryan wins), the 10-drink barrier is almost impassible.

The point of this? The game seems a pursuit that is more likely to happen in the United States. Not that we would want to encourage a similar game in London, but it is unlikely that Canadians, as annoyed as they would get, would resort to violence in punishing the indignance. No doubt the behaviour would start arguments and strike anger, but it is questionable how many people’s first choice would be a straight-right to the chops.

However, it remains a pretty funny game if only in the imagination.



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