In the Media — 02 October 2012

(Photograph by Lucas Jackson/Reuters from the Globe and Mail.)

By Beppi Crosariol, The Globe and Mail, Oct. 2, 2012

When two men bellied up to the bar in Toronto’s Ritz-Carlton hotel earlier this year and asked for sour-apple martinis, Patrick Hooey had to break the bitter news. The Ritz Bar doesn’t stock Sour Puss Apple, the sweet-tart, neon-green liqueur, which the men had specified by name. “What I did have was fresh apples and Calvados, so I made my variation and explained why,” the bartender said. “They loved it.”

Hooey is no fan of DayGlo liqueurs, but he describes his aversion to vodka and Sour Puss as modest compared with that of a colleague he worked with years ago at another establishment. “He wants to open his own place and said he will charge $1,000 to anyone who orders a sour-apple martini.” An appropriate disincentive, some might say.

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