Bar Profiles Places To Go — 11 February 2013

After a less-than-spectacular launch back in December, and less than two months in operation, John Scott-Pearce has decided to close his new incarnation of the formerly troubled Rouge.

A large and attractive space in the former home of Fabulous Forum strip club and Rouge Nightclub, the redesigned pub intended to attract an older (“21-plus individuals”) and more mature crowd instead of students. Scott-Pearce has had an acrimonious PR relationship with students after posting a banner overlooking Oxford in August of 2012 which read, “Re-Open for students? We’d rather eat glass!”

But for whatever reason, and much like other bars in London which have opened with the expectation of attracting patrons in their late-20s and 30s, the older mature crowds never materialized.

Scott-Pearce states that the decision to close was based on the financial reality that the club was not making any money. He has also indicated that it was difficult to market the  bar to a crowd who is not as active in social media.

It is unfortunate too since the decor, built by Scott-Pearce himself, was inviting and designed to encourage conversation and interaction but also potential to host large musical acts.

“I went back to  what I always knew,” he says. “People want colour, fun, and stuff to look at — they don’t want a dark, sinister electronic dance club where you can’t hear the person beside you speaking. The younger people like a louder environment, whereas when you’re older you want to be able to meet up for drinks and have a conversation.”

Indulge Magazine writer Brittany Dakins wrote a comprehensive article about the new club that appeared in the January 2013 issue and interviewed Scott-Pearce about his new design for the space. While it may not have existed for very long, the John Scott Party Pub was an interesting exercise in good intentions. As a club owner and entrepreneur, we should expect to see him working on his next project, one that will hopefully demonstrate the same success he has had with his other businesses.



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