Event Happenings In the Media — 20 November 2012

Photo by Derek Ruttan, The London Free Press

By James Reaney, The London Free Press, November 20, 2012

[Editor's Note: After attending Alec Baldwin's appearance at Robart's "Leaders in Innovation Dinner", I headed over to Budweiser Gardens to watch the Metric concert. Pretty interesting contrast in audiences. From my section 105 seat for instance, instead of the Convention Centre's reserved and respectful audience, my concert view was consistently obscured by obnoxiously drunk high school students. Before finally being removed from the venue, they repeatedly changed seats, tripped over feet, and staggered about to the frustration the rest in the area. With the unnecessary distraction removed, the remainder of the concert proved to be an incredible display of tight musicianship, great sound and lighting, and an high-energy mix of guitar-based and electronic pop/rock. Reaney's article captures the essence of the concert quite well although it is clear than he left to meet his deadline before the end of the show.]

There is no Metric limit when it comes to love of London.

Toward the end of the Toronto rock band’s terrific show at Budweiser Gardens, Metric singer and keyboardist Emily Haines came out front to thank a London sonic wizard for all he’s done for the band.

Yes, there were stellar Metric moments starting with Artificial Nocturne and continuing through such main-set glories as Youth Without Youth and Empty. Yes, Haines shook it up in a short skirt, leather-style top and fine little boots and co-founder Jimmy Shaw blazed away whenever it was time for a guitar solo.

Read more in the London Free Press.



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