Places To Go Recommended Locally — 22 January 2013

By A. Paul Mitchell, Indulge Magazine

Most restaurants offer a daily special and there are quite a few in London offering a great deals on some inventive and tasty dishes. While having a beer with an acquaintance this afternoon (and much too late for lunch unfortunately), I noticed the feature on their blackboard for Tuesday, January 22 at the Church Key Pub on Richmond Street.

In case you cannot read the writing in the photo entirely, here is the listing for their incredible offering: “Quail egg-stuffed ricotta gnocchi carbonara tossed in a bacon,  fontina, and parmesean cream sauce, $14.”

Simply fantastic. The bartender mentioned that the kitchen had been experimenting with the recipe over the weekend and did a rich brunch version. The gnocchi is made with ricotta instead of potato to be a little less filling. Although I really enjoyed my lunch at the much under-heralded Pollos Micky (definitely worth a visit at Dundas at Adelaide if you want nice Peruvian barbeque chicken), I really feel I missed out.

Check out the Church Key’s “always different” two-course Sunday brunch for $23. Highly regarded and sometimes includes a Vindaloo dish!



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