People To See Personnel — 14 January 2013

Darcy O`Neil
Photo by A.Paul Mitchell

Interview by A.Paul Mitchell, Indulge Magazine

Darcy O’Neil is a writer and bartender with a formal education in chemistry. Regarded as one of North America’s top bartending experts, his first book “Fix the Pumps” is available through Amazon.

Your favourite place for a drink?
O’Neil – The classy French 75 bar in New Orleans.

Preference: beer/wine/spirits?
O’Neil – Beer and spirits, rarely ever wine unless I’m eating.

Premium liquors: neat/rocks/in cocktail?
O’Neil – All of the above.

Favourite beer/wine brand?
O’Neil – Whatever I haven’t tried.

Favourite cocktail?
O’Neil – The past month has been the Pisco Sour.

Most memorable drink?
O’Neil – A cocktail (might have been a Hanky Panky) a friend gave me at Clive’s bar in Victoria, British Columbia after a 27-hour travel day from Moscow. If there was ever a time I need a cocktail, it was then.

Person (living/dead) you’d most want to have a drink with?
O’Neil – The two bartenders who worked at the Everett Hotel in New York circa 1872 and created the Moral Suasion cocktail.

Favourite London restaurant?
O’Neil – The Only on King.

Favouirte late-night or morning-after meal?
O’Neil – When I bartend, my shift meal is usually a bowl of cereal, Frosted Flakes preferably. Otherwise it’s “street food”.

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