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Diageo World Class Cocktail Competition

Fifty countries, 15,000 bartenders, 100,000 cocktails.  The quest for the world’s greatest bartender has begun and for the first time ever, Canada is being represented on the global cocktail stage. Known as the Oscars of the [...]

The Art of Drink

London authour and bartending expert Darcy O’Neil spoke with Indulge Magazine to discuss our current state of drink culture. INDULGE MAGAZINE: For those who are not familiar with your story, what is your background as a [...]

Question & Answer Period With London Bartender Darcy O`Neil

Interview by A.Paul Mitchell, Indulge Magazine Darcy O’Neil is a writer and bartender with a formal education in chemistry. Regarded as one of North America’s top bartending experts, his first book “Fix the Pumps” is available [...]

Wired: Exploring the Surprising History of Soda Fountains

By Lizzie Wade, wired.com, September 26, 2012 These days, the words “soda fountain” conjure up idyllic images of mid-century teenagers innocently sharing a milkshake. But when the first soda fountains appeared in the late 19th century, [...]