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The Art of Drink

London authour and bartending expert Darcy O’Neil spoke with Indulge Magazine to discuss our current state of drink culture. INDULGE MAGAZINE: For those who are not familiar with your story, what is your background as a [...]

LCBO’s ‘Gentleman’s League Configurator’ Inspires Guys’ Nights In

(TORONTO, ON) LCBO is making it fun for guys to get back into the entertaining spirit with the launch of the ‘Gentleman’s League Configurator,’ an ornately crafted, ingenious online mechanism designed to make hosting a gentlemanly [...]

Globe and Mail: Drinks You Should Never Order at a Bar. Ever.

By Beppi Crosariol, The Globe and Mail, Oct. 2, 2012 When two men bellied up to the bar in Toronto’s Ritz-Carlton hotel earlier this year and asked for sour-apple martinis, Patrick Hooey had to break the [...]