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The Art of Drink

London authour and bartending expert Darcy O’Neil spoke with Indulge Magazine to discuss our current state of drink culture. INDULGE MAGAZINE: For those who are not familiar with your story, what is your background as a [...]

Question & Answer Period With London Bartender Darcy O`Neil

Interview by A.Paul Mitchell, Indulge Magazine Darcy O’Neil is a writer and bartender with a formal education in chemistry. Regarded as one of North America’s top bartending experts, his first book “Fix the Pumps” is available [...]

Wired: Exploring the Surprising History of Soda Fountains

By Lizzie Wade, wired.com, September 26, 2012 These days, the words “soda fountain” conjure up idyllic images of mid-century teenagers innocently sharing a milkshake. But when the first soda fountains appeared in the late 19th century, [...]