Beer News In the Media — 05 November 2012

By Ben Johnson, BlogTO, November 5, 2012

[Editor's Note: Not to malign London, but our town boasts only one off-site independent beer store, located at the Labatt brewery. Click here for location and contact information. The intent of this post is to highlight the vibrancy of brewing in Toronto and what we here in London can aim towards. Bright spots are that there are several independent wine stores in our city, but that is fodder for a future post.]

While the Beer Store (and its hip offshoot The Beer Boutique) and the LCBO are the obvious places in Toronto to stock up on beer, there are other options. These days, with the influx of craft beer brands, it’s never been easier and more convenient to buy beer direct from a local brewery. And why not? The product is at its absolute freshest, you get to support a local business and, a lot of the time, the locations have extended hours that are a little bit more reasonable than those at your more generic option.

So, to help you support your local brewers, here’s a list of Toronto’s breweries that offer retail service–complete with their hours and some information about what exactly they offer.

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